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Canal tunnel will cost $528.6 million and take 5 years


Posted 13/01/2023

The environmental impact study related to the tunnel through which line 3 of the subway will pass, between the provinces of Panama and Panama West, already has the approval of the Ministry of the Environment (Miambiente).

The 5-year project will cost $528.6 million. Within the study are the details of the new underground stations and the layout of the tunnel that would reach Panama Pacifico.

The project begins in an area close to the Albrook station, progressively lowering the level to start the underground route, and then going through the Balboa station, in Ancón, which will be built as part of the work.

Subsequently, the tunnel will pass under the watershed of the Canal, then ascend until it integrates with the alignment of the elevated viaduct and arrives at the Panama Pacifico station.

The 6.1 kilometers project of which the underground section is contemplated with a length of 5.3 kilometers.

The total area of influence of the work, both direct and indirect, is about 657 hectares. Of that total, 144 hectares will have a direct influence.

The area of direct influence is the area that will be intervened for the construction of the project and that corresponds to the space where the permanent and temporary works will be developed.

Another detail provided by the study is that the execution of the underground section, including the design, construction, and installation of systems and functional tests, will last 5 years. It will have an estimated cost of $528.6 million.

Currently, it is unknown when the works will start, but Rafael Sabonge, Minister of Public Works, stressed that the tunnel boring machine must arrive in July, and the tunnel "attack shaft" must start before that date.


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Excavated material  from the canal tunnel will be dumped in Farfán


Posted 15/01/2023

Materials from the excavation of the tunnel under the Panama Canal for Line 3 of the subway, between Panama and West Panama, will be deposited on a piece of land located in Farfán, township of Veracruz.

The 53 hectares and is owned by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

Within the area of direct influence of the excavation materials disposal site, there is a presence of a mangrove ecosystem, in an estimated area of one hectare, for which reason the environmental study recommends adopting mitigation and prevention measures.

The tunnel will cost approximately $528.6 million and its total area of influence, both direct and indirect, is about 657 hectares in the districts of Panama and Arraiján.

The project contemplates the construction of a railway station in Balboa, Ancón, which implies the elimination of some buildings in the area, also owned by the ACP.

The Metro reached an agreement with the ACP,  to pay $33 million for the properties.

Aida Torres, president of the Association of Canal Area Communities, stated that in the coming days she will request more information from the Panama Metro about this project.

"We believe that there should be more information in the Ancón communities," he said.

According to the Panama Metro, the TBM should arrive in the country in August. It takes four months to put it together and get it ready to start work.

It is estimated that the tunnel construction works will be completed by the end of 2026.


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Tunnel boring machine arrives in Panama


Posted 21/09/2023

The tunnel boring machine, manufactured in Germany, and named "Panama"  which will be used to excavate the tunnel of Line 3 of the Panama Metro, arrived Wednesday, September 20 at the port of Manzanillo in Colón.

Starting  Thursday, the transfer of the 99 pieces that make up the boring machine will begin to the Farfán Industrial Complex, where the attack shaft is being built and where the excavation and lining route of 4.5 kilometers of tunnel under the Panama Canal will begin.

The established schedule for the transfer of the largest pieces of the boring machine is from 10:00 pm to 4:00 a.m. according to the Traffic Management Plan, approved by the Traffic and Land Transportation Authority, (ATTT) to carry out the transport in several phases in a period of two months.


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