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Launch of new more secure ID card

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Launch of new more secure ID card


Posted 04/01/2023

As of January 4, 2023, the Electoral Tribunal (TE) issues a new national identity document. This will apply to adults, youth, permanent resident cards, and, for the first time, the permanent resident card for foreign minors, it was announced on Wednesday, during the official presentation of the document, at the headquarters of the TE.

The new document includes a design with high-security standards said substitute magistrate and national director of ID, Gilberto Estrada De Icaza. He added that its material is more resistant, with a shorter printing time, which makes delivery to the user faster.

The document is printed in three visible colors, has an optically variable diffractive hologram, and a transparent window with the date of birth.

It has a map of the national territory in its upper part that has optical ink, a ghost image in one of the corners that contain the date of birth of citizens, and a world logo that identifies organ donors.

The official also mentioned that the new document has a code associated with the International Civil Aviation Organization standard, which, in the future, may allow "users to travel between countries with which we have agreements or agreements, without need for passports.


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