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Phishing scams

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Fraudulent Tigo ads on social media


Posted 30/11/2022

Tigo Panama informs the public that unknown persons are using social networks and web pages to offer the public the opportunity to invest in Tigo shares, posing as the company and using the logo and trademarks without authorization.

This fraudulent advertising is not related to Tigo Panama and we reiterate that all our communication is done through official channels such as our website and verified social networks.

Being today International Cybersecurity Day, we take the opportunity to call on citizens to be attentive to the movements of cybercriminals, verifying the identity and veracity of advertising in digital media. It also requests to report incidents to the authorities and authorized channels in case of detecting a fraud attempt.

For more information, visit www.tigo.com.pa


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If you get an e-mail from the Public Ministry- DON’T OPEN IT


Posted 30/11/2022

The Public Ministry has detected the massive sending of emails for phishing purposes, indicating a false notification slip and adding a malicious link.

The warning is made within the framework of the International Day of Information Security.

The institution clarifies that they do not send subpoenas by email, the subpoenas are made through the Judicial Communications Center and delivered personally. The email domain is procuraduria.gob.pa.

Phishing is intended to obtain personal information that may affect your bank accounts, password, users, and information on your computer.

They ask people not to open an email supposedly from the Public Ministry and a link, it may be an attack that tries to steal their money or their identity, causing them to divulge personal information.


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