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Christmas parade in Panama

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Panama mayor performs $2.8 million U-turn on Christmas parade


Posted 11/11/2022

The mayor of the capital José Luis Fábrega announced that the Christmas parade for  2022 will take place on December 11 at 4:00 pm on the Cinta Costera, his statements were made in the midst of the celebrations of November 10 in the district of Juan Díaz.

Fabrega's new announcement comes months after he said that this year there would be no parade, only lighting in the city parks and recreational activities for children.

However, on Thursday, he said that 12 allegorical cars and musical bands from La Chorrera, Colón, Panama, and other parts of the country will participate in the parade.

"It will be another post-pandemic act just like today to be able to give the children and families of our country faith, hope, and love," he said.

Fábrega indicated that the budget for the activity will be $2.8 million, including the ITBM.

 The last Christmas parade held in Panama City was on December 15 under a criticized amount of $3.8 million with which contracts were made directly.

In  2020 and 2021 the activity was not carried out due to the pandemic.

For 2022, Panama is resuming all face-to-face activities that were carried out before the pandemic, first, there were the celebrations of parties and festivals, then the parades of national holidays, and the Christmas parade of the capital.  

 The carnivals of 2023 will follow, confirmed by the President himself, Laurentino Cortizo


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Mayor’s office defends direct contracting for the Christmas parade


Posted 20/11/2022

The Panama Mayor's Office has defended the direct contracting for the celebration of the Christmas parade on December 11 reports TVN

They emphasize that the direct contracting for the event was approved by the Municipal Council, on September 27.

Subsequently, the Mayor's Office submitted the documentation to the National Economic Council on October 14,  which gave its approval on October 27.

And finally, the contract was signed on November 7, and was presented to the Comptroller General l for its endorsement.

According to the Municipality of Panama " the contract for the parade, with the company Festieventos had all the necessary approvals for its legality. "

The event will be on the Cinta Costera and will go from the Seafood Market to the Plaza de la Democracia in Paitilla, (Parque del Florista).

The parade will begin at 4 in the afternoon, with the participation of 12 floats and 12 delegations.

600 temporary permits will be issued to small business owners so they can sell different items along the parade route.


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Vice-mayor takes takes Christmas lights flack for Fabrega


Posted 06/12/2022

Deputy Panama  Mayor Judy Meana was in the firing line at Tuesday’s Municipal Council meeting in the absence of José Luis José Fábrega who had earlier faced a barrage of online criticism over Christmas lighting.

Usually, the majority of the mayors are complacent with the administration of Fábrega.                                                                                           

 This time, issues such as dismissals, Christmas lighting, and the silence of the Municipality on the annulment of the Land Management Plan of San Francisco were questioned.

First up was the representative of Curundú, Senén Mosquera, who said there is "persecution" by the Fábrega administration against officials of that community board and he denounced the mayor’s dismissal of several of the collaborators of the corregimiento.

“I cannot remain silent when I see that on Christmas Eve. I think that the rank of mayor is too great for José Luis Fábrega. I, who was part of that campaign team, really feel disappointed,”

At the beginning of the administration, Mosquera was president of the Municipal Council and one of those closest to Fábrega.

There was also criticism of the silence that the Municipality maintains regarding the suspension of the San Francisco Land Management Plan, ordered by the Third Chamber of Administrative Litigation of the Supreme Court.

The mayor of that corregimiento and a member of the PRD Carlos Pérez Herrera asked the Municipality to rule on the matter. "Right now we are in a legal limbo and I ask that a commission be called to deal with the issue,"

The representative of Don Bosco, Guillermo Bermúdez, criticized the Christmas lighting and suggested that the Comptroller General review the contract. The lighting was also questioned by the mayor of Bella Vista, Ricardo Domínguez, and by the Mayor of Díaz, Ricardo Precilla.

Deputy Mayor Judy Meana t said she felt "beaten" because she was the person who came out to explain herself. "I tell journalists that I don't go out to defend anyone [Fábrega], because here everyone has to be responsible for what they do," she said.

As deputy mayor, she acknowledges that "there are flaws" in lighting. "What hurts me is what they are writing to me from false accounts and thinking people who have written asking if I have stolen the money," she said.


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Criminal complaint presented over Christmas lighting


Posted 13/12/2022

A criminal complaint to investigate the allocation of funds for the Christmas lighting of parks in the Municipality of Panama was presented by the lawyer José Moncada Luna, representing the citizen Heraclio Bustamante.

Moncada Luna said that in this case the Public Ministry must investigate possible acts of corruption in the process of installing Christmas lighting.

He said that in the case the mayor's office, headed by José Luis Fábrega, made a direct contract for the installation of Christmas lighting when a public tender should have been made to choose a suitable company to carry out the works.

"Mayor José Luis Fábrega directly assigned the realization of the Christmas lighting to a company, when he could have called a public tender since the beginning of this year and avoid a situation of haste," Bustamante added.

Bustamante stressed that it is suspicious that when Christmas was two months away, the authorities of the Municipality remembered that they had to light the parks of Panama City.

The lighting of 33 sites in the district of Panama had a cost of $2.9 million and was assigned to the company Contraseñas S.A. However, after its installation, harsh criticism arose from the public regarding the quality of the work carried out and the amount of the contract.


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