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Boquete Legal Services - Attorney Nixia Guerra

Nixia Guerra

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 Dear Boquetenian Community, 
Wishing to all of you a wonderfull Panamá celebration, in this patriotic month. 
Our Law Firm is going to be closed on November 10th due to a festivity of our country. 
We invite you allways to our Office located in the heart of Boquete, right behind the Police Station, our cellphone or wasap is+507 6427-2267, lmost 20th years of experience in diferent areas of the Law, we can Assist you with all your Legal transactions and procedures. Welcome! 
Sincerely yours, 
Ms. Nixia Guerra
Attorney at Law
Cel. (507) 6427-2267

New Location.jpg

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Hello!  My fiancé and I are currently residing in the u.s. but are in the stages of planning our first visit along with our hopeful move.  She works in the legal field here as a paralegal and hopes to continue to work remotely.  I however am considering building a business here and shipping it over.  I am sure there are rules and references that are different there than here and we certainly do not want to step on any feet.  Also we are going to need retain assistance for the move and visa applications im certain and would like to work with a firm that’s near the area we are wanting to move to.  Would love to discuss options but no hurry our time frame is likely 4-5 years out from now, sooner if things come together quickly but our decision to move there is going to require time and serious thought to determine if it’s best for us and we will be a good fit for the community.  Thank you 

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