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Buenos Vecinos de Boquete June Newsletter

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The BVB Program is Growing!

Buenos Vecinos is increasing the amount of food that large families are receiving each month, as many people in the area continue to struggle to find jobs after the pandemic and with the cost of some goods rising every day. So, in response to this situation, BVB is also expanding the number of area clients that they are adopting into the program. Prospective clients are vetted and assessed according to level of need and level of income, and a site visit and interview complete the process. New BVB volunteers have been identified to deliver the food at the end of each month. These volunteers also observe the state of health and general living conditions of their families so they can help find other resources to improve their lives.

Family of the Month Benilda’s Family- An Update


When we first presented Benilda and her eight children in April 2020, the six-school-age children were excited that they had just begun the school year with new school supplies furnished by an “angel”.

Within a few days, however the schools were closed because of the onset of pandemic restrictions. And yet they felt fortunate; “their wood and bamboo house with it dirt floor and sturdy roof still keep out the rain” she announced cheerfully. And though there was no running water in the house, there was a water pipe on the property and electricity to give them light for reading in the evening.

Circumstances change, and the family’s living conditions have deteriorated. The kind benefactor who had allowed them to live in that house for $10 a month died and Benilda’s family was forced to find a new place to live. They have found a nearby lot rent-free, but they must build their own structure. With only $485 a month income from her house-cleaning and son Alexander’s part-time work at a nearby greenhouse, finding even second-hand building materials is difficult. They are no utilities on the property, neither electricity nor running water, so they must go to a nearby creek for drinking water and water for washing.This photo shows how primitive and inadequate are their current accommodations. This early and heavy rainy season has been especially hard for them to endure.

Concerned citizens are finding ways to help them make a better house.

Still, Benilda maintains her optimistic attitude and reminds the children to be grateful for blessings that come to them, like the extra food from Buenos Vecinos each month.

A few of our happy and hard-working volunteers.  From left to right: Leslie Sterling, Stan Kempf, Mary Nieves and Sherry Shirritt
  A few of our happy and hard-working volunteers.  From left to right: Leslie Sterling, Stan Kempf, Mary Nieves and Sherry Shirritt
Buenos Vecinos de Boquete exists to help people like this, who are unable to meet their basic food needs. We have provided emergency food support on many occasions and have been successful in helping families through hard times. We will help them with food support until the working age adults in the family can find enough income to become self-sustaining. When we brought Eva her first food delivery of non-perishable food she smiled with a look of genuine relief and said, “Now there will be enough food to feed all of the children.”

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If you prefer to donate by cash or local check you can see Louise Orr at the Tuesday Market or contact Trish at buenosvecinos79@gmail.com

Be sure to check out our website and Facebook page:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BuenosVecinosDeBoquete/
Website:  http://www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com/
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  We owe you all a big thank you!  
Thank you!
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