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Mas Movil and Claro to merge

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This is a machine translation: Link to the original article is at the end.


Más Móvil and Claro to combine their networks in merger to offer better service

Mayela De Sedas |
Wed, 22/06/2022

The acquisition of Claro Panama by Cable & Wireless is expected to be completed in the next few days, announced Betzalel Kenigsztein, executive president and general manager of +Móvil.

"We already have everything ready, we are just waiting for the seal of approval to acquire and take control of the company. In the future we are going to consolidate the networks, very close in the next few months. Next year we will migrate customers to a platform to provide a complete and unified service," said Keningsztein.

According to the general manager of +Móvil, "the most important part that Panamanians will feel is the combination of the two networks. Más Móvil's network is the best network in the country, but there are areas where Claro has connectivity and coverage that we do not have. In the next months we are going to combine the two networks and combine a situation where Más Móvil customers will have better coverage and Claro customers will have better coverage than before because the two networks will be combined".

Kenigsztein stated that the bet is "to continue investing in technology, infrastructure and platforms to improve the service".

The businessman reiterated that they will invest more than 500 million dollars. He explained that "the 500 million I mentioned are investments in the network and in technology in the coming years".

Likewise, during the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of +Móvil, of Cable & Wireless Panamá, S.A., Keningsztein added that the company has contributed at least US$9 million to the Panamanian economy in 25 years of operations.



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