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Buenos Vecinos de Boquete May Family of the Month

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Buenos Vecinos de Boquete Family of the Month May, 2022
Meet Raquel's Family
Change has been difficult for everyone these past two and half years. But it is especially hard for children who have lost parents who were breadwinners. Esther is only thirteen, but she and her three siblings miss their dad and the food he was able to supply. He did leave them a comfortable though modest house with a cement floor and a sturdy roof, but their Mom must now try to feed and clothe them with her small income from cleaning houses two days a week. Everyone pitches in to help the extended family, as well. Esther, seen here with her little cousins, watches them for her aunt every day during summer vacation. And Grandma is the caregiver when the older kids are gone during the school year. Buenos Vecinos food delivery day is a welcome event every month, as all the kids carry whatever they can carry up to the house. The rice, beans, pasta, oil, canned fish and meat are the staples for this diet, but the additions, including the powdered milk and candy bar are the tasty treats the kids look forward to the most.
Our May Family of the Month reminds our team members exactly why Buenos Vecinos is so important to the Boquete community and why we are fortunate to be able to serve this family and all our BVB families!


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