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Canal Authority signs stalled collective agreement


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Canal Authority signs stalled collective agreement


Posted 17/05/2022

A negotiation that had been stalled for more than two years ended on Monday with the signing by the administration of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) of a new collective agreement with the Non-Professional Workers Negotiating Unit for the period 2022-2025, a negotiation that had been stalled for more than two years.

The new agreement with this unit, the largest in the Canal and which affiliates about 83% of the workers, establishes a first salary increase of 3.5% for 2022, which will take effect from the 13th payment period that begins on June 19.

For the year 2023, the salary adjustment will be 1.75%; for 2024, 1.75%; and by 2025, 2.0%. This salary adjustment will benefit both permanent and temporary workers, who are covered under the Negotiating Unit for Non-Professional Workers, the administration stressed.

The Non-Professional Negotiating Unit, a name inherited from the US administration, includes part of the administrative staff, as well as electricians, welders, technical trades, and artisans.

There are about six negotiating units in the Canal and other collective agreements are yet to be defined.

According to the most recent report of the entity, about 8.000 people work in the Canal.


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