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“Missing” woman turns herself in and confesses to murder of partner

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“Missing” woman turns herself in and confesses to murder of partner


Posted 11/05/2022

The National Police reported that Marichely Ruiz, who had been reported missing by her relatives, turned herself in on Wednesday, May 11, at the La Chorrera Police Zone and confessed to having murdered her partner.

Ruiz 38, was last seen on April 22, when she left her apartment, in Puerto Caimito, La Chorrera, together with Yaris Jiménez Carrasco, 30, who was also reported missing by her relatives.

Since that date, the whereabouts of the women who lived together were unknown.

On April 30, in the district of Chepo, in eastern Panama, police found Ruiz's car abandoned.

Before moving to La Chorrera, in, Ruiz (Physical Education teacher) and Jiménez (mother of a boy and a girl) had lived in Chepo.


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Provisional  detention for self-confessed killer


Posted 14/05/2022

A Judge of Guarantees decreed on Friday, May 13, provisional detention for Marichely Ruiz 38, for the murder of her sentimental partner, Yaris Jiménez, 30, whose skeletal remains were found  Thursday in a jungle area in the sector of Las Albinas near Lake Alajuela.

Ruiz, who is a Physical Education teacher at a private school, turned herself in on  Wednesday, May 11, 2022, and confessed that she had killed her partner and left the body in a jungle area.

During the guarantees hearing, the Prosecutor's Office revealed that both women had an argument out of jealousy in the jungle area, as a result of a struggle they fell into the water, the victim sank, and Ruiz took the body out of the water and abandoned it.

Jiménez lived in a rented room in Chorrera, and left two minors orphaned.

Marichely Ruiz's car was located in Chepo, and inside the apartment that the victim rented, they had found a pillow with blood.


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