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53 cops fired for criminal offenses this year

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53 cops fired for criminal offenses this year


Posted 04/05/2022

The director-general of the National Police (PN), John Dornheim, confirmed that 53 officers that have committed different crimes or administrative offenses have been separated from their positions. We are removing those men and women who at some point have failed their principles to protect and serve," Dornheim revealed Tuesday at a press conference on accountability and operational results during the month of April

According to data from the entity the Police payroll is comprised of 18,024 units ranging from cadets to commissioners.

Crime figures For the month of April, the Police and the Public Ministry apprehended 4,780 people nationwide. Of this figure,  1,020 were arrested for administrative offenses, 459 for flagrante delicto, 276 for micro-trafficking, and 37 for drug trafficking.

In addition, there were 53 people linked to homicides, of these 27 correspond to events that occurred this year. There were 1,108 raids with the confiscation of 188 firearms, 12,343 ammunition, 101 recovered cattle, 25 recovered vehicles, and $1,014,606.73.

In the 252 operations against drug trafficking and micro-trafficking, 2,525 packages with illicit substances were seized and 313 people were apprehended. These actions also include the seizure of 2,132 ecstasy pills.

Traffic offenses. The National Directorate of Traffic Operations from April 1 to 30, recorded 50,269 infractions and 2,652 vehicles have been towed. Of the infractions, 17,063 were for speeding and 1,426 for proven drunkenness. Additionally, 2,826 accidents were attended.


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