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Minister defends distribution of Scientology booklet by security personnel

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Minister defends  distribution of  Scientology booklet by security personnel


SENAN personnel distributing booklet.

Posted 13/04/2022

The Minister of Public Security, Juan Pino, defended the morning of this Tuesday, April 12, the distribution of a "guide based on common sense to live better", promoted by the Church of Scientology, a religious movement condemned for fraud, founded by Ron Hubbard.

Although Pino maintains that the brochure -titled "Road to Happiness"- "didn't cost a real" and would have been a donation, it bears the logos of the National Government and the Minseg. The plan, according to the minister, is executed by Commissioner Clovis Sinisterra, who directs the Ministry's Comprehensive Citizen Security Plan.

The brochure has been distributed at least since last February, in facilities such as the Tocumen airport, by personnel from various entities that make up the public force.

Hubbard is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy books, but he is famous internationally for being the founder of the Church of Scientology reports La Prensa.

"It's nothing political, it's nothing religious... it's something about rescuing values and that will be used in prevention," because values must be rescued, Pino emphasized. The booklet includes an entire chapter devoted to sexuality, promiscuity, and fidelity.

The minister accepted that it was a mistake to distribute this type of material to travelers passing through the airport. "That was already corrected... It was not for the scenario of distributing it at the Tocumen airport," he added.

When asked about the criticism and the debate that arose in the country due to its distribution, he indicated that “there is no debate, read it so you can see. There is nothing political or religious there.”


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