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Fabulous Hotel Property with Large Primary Reception & Apartments, Additional House & 8 Rental Cabins for Sale in Prime Area of Boquete

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There is an almost magical area just above Boquete’s downtown called El Santuario.  Its a plateau just above downtown in the heart of Boquete.  You enter El Santuario up a short paved road lined with coffee plantations, flowering bushes and bougainvilleas.  As you pass Boquete’s only castle you come to the plateau about 5 minutes from vivacious downtown Boquete with gorgeous vistas all around and an excellent microclimate.  This is El Santuario, home to one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the entire province.

Nestled in this area and insulated from much of the property around it is this fabulous property with awesome commercial potential.

With so many beds, the property is ripe for a hotel or rental operation.   It also could become an estate residence, retreat or convention center that can accommodate many guests.

Let’s look at the numbers…




To go directly to more information, a more complete description and up-to-date pricing on this property, please visit our web site for this property at the link above.

Also find hundreds of other Boquete area properties offered by Casa Solution, the Boquete Area Real Estate Leaders.


We look forward to being of service.


For Reviews of Casa Solution, please click here

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