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Reactivation of Panama Gold Mine


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Irregularities in gold mine public forum claims environmental center


Posted 05/04/2022

The Center for Environmental Impact (CIAM) denounced possible irregularities in the convening of a public forum to analyze with the community of the Remance corregimiento, in Veraguas, the details of the environmental impact study (EIA) that was carried out in order to reactivate a gold mine in the area.

According to CIAM, the call for this event did not respect "the rights of citizens" and the notice of the call was published just four days before the forum in that period the residents of the communities had to analyze a summary of more than 100 pages.

In addition, the promoter did not guarantee sufficient transportation to reach the site, even though the publication said it would be provided, said a CIAM  statement.

900 opposed
“During the March 28 event, some 900 people expressed their opposition to the reactivation of the mine, which operated until the end of 1990.

The objective of providing clear and concise data on the impacts of the mining project in the region was not met,” the environmental group highlighted, and  "the measures proposed by the study to mitigate these impacts" on the environment were not explained.

On April 2, it was reported that leaders of the communities of the village of Remance, in San Francisco, Veraguas, and representatives of NGOs, met with the Minister of the Environment, Milciades Concepción, to discuss the controversy over the mining project.

After the forum, those interested in the subject have seven days to present their arguments about the study. However, the Ministry of Environment will have the last word on the approval or not of the EIA.

CIAM insisted on the need for a frank and democratic dialogue that allows the citizens of the country to decide if we really "want to be a mining country" or bet on "activities that seek sustainability."

The consultants of the promoter Greenfield Mining stated in the EIA that "seeking" to reduce the possible impact on the environment, the project proposes the use of areas previously affected by mining works in the 1990s.


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