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Construction sector strike call

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Unionized workers asked to ignore strike call in "totally depressed"  industry


Posted 21/03/2022

The Panamanian Chamber of Construction  (Capac) has called on unionized workers not to support the strike declaration announced by union leaders  after  negotiations concluded  on March 8.

A Capac statement, warned workers of the "serious damage of a strike in the current circumstances of the industry" and especially because during the stoppage "they will not receive wages."

The organization also stated that its objective in these negotiations of the Capac-Suntracs collective agreement is to maintain the current jobs and the conditions that allow the activation of a "totally depressed" industry.

Of the 153 clauses of the collective agreement, 148 have been negotiated, of which the three clauses related to the salary aspect are pending agreement.

Capac reiterated that Suntracs proposes "unacceptable" wages above the real possibilities of the industry and construction companies.

In recent days, reports La Prensa the National Union of Construction and Similar Workers (Suntracs)  announced that in its general assembly – in its second and third calls – it was unanimously and definitively approved to start the indefinite national strike on April 4 if there is no agreement with Capac regarding salary for the 2022-2025 collective agreement.

Suntracs has calculated that around 20,000 workers would join the strike

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