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34 rescued from ‘deplorable’, rehab center

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34 rescued from ‘deplorable’, rehab  center


Posted 12/03/2022

Some 34 people held in a rehabilitation center located in Salamanca de Colón, were rescued, after reports of alleged irregularities being committed on the site.

According to the Public Ministry, reports TVN in the early hours of Friday, March 11, officials from the Regional Prosecutor's Office of Colón and Guna Yala, together with the National Police, the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ), and the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Imelcf) traveled to the rehab center for people with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

During the raids, it was observed that the facilities were deplorable, the attention given to the inmates was not appropriate, and some of the citizens reported being victims of physical and psychological violence.

After initiating the ex officio investigation, the Regional Prosecutor's Office determined that the 34 people in the shelter should be moved to receive medical treatment and evaluation.

The Public Ministry will continue investigations for the alleged crime of personal injury, mistreatment of the elderly, psychological violence, and all other criminal acts that are found in the evidence and testimonies of the inmates.


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