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Panama-flagged ships attacked by Russian Navy

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Panama-flagged ship attacked by Russian Navy


Posted 25/02/2022

International media reported t on Friday, February 25 that Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ukraine's at the UN posted on his Twitter account that a Panama-flagged ship was among those attacked by the Russian Navy in the Black Sea.

Kyslytsya did not specify the number of ships attacked or the damage caused by the Russian military attacks.

In the last few hours, Russian military forces tightened their siege on the city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. According to international news agencies, this Friday there were fighting in some neighborhoods of the city.

The Russian offensive against Ukraine has left more than 100 dead and some 100,000 displaced, according to official Ukrainian figures reported by AFP.

On Thursday, the Government of the Republic of Panama stated that it "deeply regretted" the recent events in Ukraine, which "contravene the fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations ."

"Panama, as a country that advocates dialogue and international law, urges to resume the paths of negotiation and diplomacy that renew hope for peace, security and stability," the statement said.

Maritime alert
Meanwhile, the Merchant Marine Directorate of the Panama Maritime Authority  (AMP) urged all Panamanian-flagged ships to avoid transiting through Ukrainian and Russian waters in the Black Sea (located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia) and the Azov Sea. (located northeast of the Crimean peninsula, between Russia and Ukraine).

In the case of those ships with a Panamanian flag that are in Ukrainian ports or in transit through those regions, they were asked to be under maximum surveillance, that is, to increase security measures.

With situation that is occurring between the Russian and Ukrainian governments, the administration recommends all owners, operators and captains of Panamanian-flagged vessels to exercise extreme caution when operating in these areas, the entity stressed.


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Panama-flagged ship sunk by Russian navy two more hit


Posted 16/03/2022

A ship flying the Panamanian flag has been sunk by Russian missiles and during the invasion of Ukraine and two others have been hit said the administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Noel Araúz, on Wednesday, March 16.

"We know that we had three vessels (with the Panamanian flag) that were attacked by Russian missiles, but the crews are all safe," Araúz told reporters during a public event.

Of these three boats, "there is one that sank (and) there are two that remain afloat with material damage" after the attacks, the official added.

Araúz also denounced that “the Russian navy” does not allow between 200 and 300 ships from different parts of the world to “leave the Black Sea”.

Among these ships, there are a dozen with a Panamanian flag, mainly for the transport of grains, and about 150 crew members of different nationalities, according to Araúz.

Panama claims that it has the world's largest registry of ships, with some 8,000 vessels, which represents 17% of the world fleet.

On February 25, and after the first attack on a Panamanian-flagged ship, the authorities  “strongly” asked to avoid transit in Ukrainian and Russian waters in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

“For those Panamanian ships in Ukrainian ports or transiting through the previous zone, they must maintain maximum vigilance and increase security conditions on board to protect the ship and the crew,” the Panama Maritime Authority warned at the time.


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29 Panama flagged ships hit in Ukraine war - 290 crew hurt


Posted 03/04/2022

At least 21 Panama flagged ships have been affected by the clashes that arose after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and some 290 crew members who worked on these vessels have been harmed reports the  Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

There are no Panamanians among those affected, but there are many Ukrainians, informed Merchant Marine director of the AMP, Rafael Cigarruista.

“Since the conflict began, our concern has been mainly the sailors, and their situation on board. In fact, the problem is not only the Ukrainians who are on these ships but the number of Ukrainians who are sailing in different areas aboard Panamanian-flagged ships and who cannot be repatriated or whose salaries cannot be paid via bank because the local banks (in Ukraine) are not operating...”, added Cigarruista.

Each boat owner must deal with their issues privately, that is, repairs, repatriations, local expenses, etc., explained Cigarruista, after being consulted after more than a month of the armed conflict.

He added that the balance is directly related to the commercial losses for the owners of the vessels, since the Panamanian registry is concerned about this situation, but it does not generate direct economic losses.

“The economic pressure is on the owners of the ships and the cargo. These ships all have a daily operating cost, which depends on the freight market and the costs of continuing to operate,” Cigarruista explained.

Panama has under its registry the largest fleet in the world with 8,558 flagged ships, according to data up to December 2021.

The AMP has warned vessels on the registry to remain vigilant when sailing in nearby Ukrainian and Russian waters, such as the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.


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