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Artists ask Chancellor to block appointment of deposed Culture Minister

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Artists ask Chancellor to block appointment of deposed Culture Minister


Posted 14/02/2022

The group Artists for Panama  has written to Panama’s Chancellor, Erika Mouynes  asking her to block the appointment  to the Foreign Service of Carlos Aguilar,  the recently displaced Minister of Culture (MiCultura)

On Thursday, February 10, President  Cortizo, announced changes to his Cabinet. Among them, the departure of Aguilar from MiCultura, to be appointed to the Panamanian foreign service.

"The former minister has been questioned by citizens by virtue of his administrative management of the institution in his charge, including open processes for possible improper management of public funds, benefiting people from his personal circle," says the letter.

“Therefore, it is essential that Mr. Aguilar remains in national territory to attend to these investigations."

In the letter, they also point out that the "contempt and rudeness in public" that Aguilar has made to unions and prominent people of the cultural and artistic movement "show lack of personality and lack of diplomacy that could lead him to provoke compromising and embarrassing situations during his service in some legation of our Republic.”

In the presidential statement, it was not specified what role he would play in the Foreign Service or where a slot would be found for him.


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