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Medicine shortages due to obsolete logistics

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Medicine shortages due to obsolete logistics


Posted 13/02/2022

The shortage of medicines in Panama is the product of years of obsolete and deficient logistics management, said the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture  (Cciap) in its weekly newsletter and stressed that Panamanians deserve a prompt solution to this issue, but with a long-term vision.

A comprehensive review will allow the technological mechanisms and laws to be established to keep inventories up-to-date with all aspects that prevent expirations and losses.

Regarding the cost of medicines in the private sector, the organization indicated that it promotes "a free market economy", guaranteeing free competition, responsible and aware economic agents, clear rules, and without interventions in the market by force or power.

“Hence, we favor actions that stimulate an increase in the supply of all types of medicines that have the corresponding approvals, especially from the regulatory agencies of countries with high sanitary standards and promoting investment by the pharmaceutical industry to promote the manufacture of medicines in Panama," said the Chamber.

For the Cciap, the search for solutions in regulations or price controls has shown that they directly harm consumers,  and employment, in addition to discouraging investment.

“As is clear, Panama has the diagnosis and the path to follow. Any improvised and poorly analyzed solution could end up transferring the problem of shortage of CSS to the private market, becoming one more problem to be addressed”, it emphasized.


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