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Eliminating the scourge of clientilism

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Eliminating the scourge of clientilism


Ruben Blades

 In his most recent article, the Panamanian singer-songwriter Rubén Blades addresses the 2024 elections and analyzes the problem of the “client state”, the one that has created political elites to perpetuate themselves in positions of popular election, but that, in the long run, results in the we have today: a State on the verge of failure, due to rampant corruption. It is obvious that a victory in the next elections will not be enough if the purpose is not to reform the structures of the State, that is, to win to change what we have. If this is not done, the perversity of the current system, imposed by corruption, will continue – whoever wins – and it is possible that it will get worse. The singer-songwriter recommends joining the independent proposals with that objective: to make changes that allow them to get back on track. If that is not achieved, the alternative is that the one who has behind him a long trail of corruption that will irremediably and irrefutably affect the image of the country wins. But neither will a victory for the presidential candidate suffice. We are witnesses that the real power has transferred its headquarters to the Legislative branch and, in order to make the changes that are required, it will be necessary to pay more attention to the legislative elections, including the local government elections. This is how we will get rid of clientelism. – LA PRENSA, Feb. 7.


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