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Lawmaker’s sister arrested for alleged links to drug cartel


Teresina Vigil campaigned for her brother.

Posted 21/12/2021

Teresina Lineth Vigil Pérez, allegedly linked to the Humildad y Purza (HP) gang, dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering which collaborated with the Clan del Golfo, from Colombia, was arrested at Tocumen International Airport, by the National Police on Monday, December 20.

Vigil Pérez, is the sister of Elías Vigil, deputy of the 8-10 circuit, for the opposition Panameñista Party

Teresina Vigil was required by the authorities since the beginning of  December and was on HP's 15 most wanted list. Franklin Ariel Acevedo Zúñiga, alias Franklito, head of the HP gang, heads the list, as does Carlos Roberto Aguilar Becerra, alias Rober, who according to the authorities is in charge of financial operations.

The Office of the Prosecutor against Organized Crime announced  Tuesday, that she will be taken to a hearing before a judge of guarantees.

Information in development ...


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Drug gangsters had copies of upcoming search warrants


Posted 23/12/2021

The Humildad y Purza (HP) gang, allegedly led by Carlos Roberto Aguilar, alias Robert, had information on all the proceedings that the investigative authorities intended to carry out in the midst of the Damascus operation since its members possessed copies of upcoming  search warrants  and inspections

Images of the search and arrest warrants - issued by the Office of the Prosecutor against Organized Crime - were found on the cell phone of a recently arrested member of the network and which came to light, during the Wednesday hearing of the indictment and application of precautionary measures to Teresina Vigil, sister of the deputy of the Panamanista Party Elías Vigil and Aguilar's partner.

It also came to light that the group had an informant at the Public Ministry, who would forward the status of the processes followed to its members. This person even advised them on the most viable judicial strategies.

At the hearing, prosecutor Kritza Tejada explained that Vigil –alias la Patrona– was in charge of the logistics for the group's meetings and that this was reflected in a report by the National Police, which details a meeting held in November 2020 at a beach hotel in Coclé. There were David Viteri, Carlos Roberto Aguilar, Victoriano Aguilar and Jorge Rubén Camargo, alias Cholo Chorrillo, among others.

The prosecution also exposed information contained in a judicial assistance request from Colombia, in which it was determined that the network had contacts with the Colombian Leslie Manyoma Barco (now deceased), a member of the Gulf Clan.

According to the prosecution, since 2017 the authorities had information about the presence of this network in East Panama, but it was not until 2018 that they were able to establish concrete indications about its members and operation.

Leonardo Paul, Vigil's lawyer, argued that his client is only linked to the alleged request to rent rooms in a beach hotel and that this does not constitute the commission of a crime. He added that his client rented the rooms to celebrate her birthday and that only members of her family participated in the event.

He said that the presumption of innocence of his client has been violated since in the media they associated her with a criminal network without there being any evidence.

The lawyer asked the guarantee judge Mónica Barrios to prohibit the media from mentioning the name of his client to prevent continuing to "violate her  rights."

Paul said that he informed the prosecution of his client's return to Panama after a trip to Medellín, Colombia, for medical treatment,  Vigil underwent a tummy tuck and gluteal fat transfer.

The judge accepted the request of the prosecution to charge Vigil for the alleged commission of crimes against organized crime and to impose a precautionary measure of provisional detention.


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HP Gang moll “La Patrona” back behind bars


Posted 07/02/2022

Teresina Lineth Vigil Pérez, aka "La Patrona",  accused of belonging to a drug-smuggling gang returned to preventive detention on Monday, February 7 after an appeals court revoked a house arrest order.

Vigil, sister of Elías Vigil —deputy for the opposition Panameñista Party—, was apprehended at the Tocumen International Airport on her return from Colombia, in December 2021, for her alleged link with the Humildad y Pureza (HP) gang, dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.

The 25-year-old was on the list of the most wanted by the National Police, for whom a reward of up to $70,000 was offered. In addition to the leaders of the group, they are looking for another 15 people. All this, within the actions of Operation Damascus.

The Specialized Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime, in coordination with agents of the National Police, carried out the "Damasco" operation on November 18, in which five people were arrested in the San Martín area, district of Panamá Este.

In the operation, Victoriano Aguilar Becerra, alias "Chichi", brother of Carlos Roberto Aguilar Becerra, known as "Robert", head of the criminal group Humildad y Pureza (HP), and husband of   La Patrona were captured.

Those involved, with alleged links to the Clan del Golfo, from Colombia, were in charge of receiving, guarding, and transferring drugs.


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Arrest of Justice official who fed information to drug network arrested


Posted 10/02/2022

A former justice official who gave advice to a criminal gang linked to a Colombian drug cartel was arrested  Thursday in Los Santos in a  series of raids in the continuing Damascus operation  The director-general of the National Police, John Dornheim,  said that it was a joint proceeding with the Public Ministry.

The superior prosecutor against Organized Crime, Emeldo Márquez, explained that the former official, a woman aged 36, basically provided advice on the defense strategy to the members of the network, which is allegedly linked to the Clan del Golfo, from Colombia.

Márquez said that the former official provided confidential information to the members of the network that was dismantled after the Damascus operation. , and she was obviously offering data on investigations that were being carried out.

The prosecutor said that information will be requested from the Judicial Branch to establish what were the positions that she held during the period that she allegedly provided data to the network of traffickers.

Dornheim affirmed that the police actions will continue until they capture Robert Aguilar Becerra, alias Robert, head of the criminal group, and other members of the Honesty and Purity (HP) group.


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Police capture one of  Panama’s 'Most Wanted'


Posted 10/02/2022

 The National Police reported the capture of José Manuel Cortez Batista, alias “Mocho” one of Panama’s  “most wanted” on Thursday, February 10. following Operation Damascus.

The Damascus operation is part of an investigation by the Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime, with which they are after a criminal network allegedly led, among others, by Carlos Roberto Aguilar, alias Robert.

According to the prosecution, the Humildad y Pureza (HP) gang – and of which Mocho would be a part – is a criminal group responsible for activities of illicit association, hired killers, drug trafficking and illicit association and that would have a close collaboration with the Colombian cartel Clan del Golfo.


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Hunt continues for 8 HP gang members


Posted 11/02/2022

Following the arrest of two suspects linked to the Damascus operation, the hunt continues for eight people who appear as part of a criminal structure is ongoing.

Among these are the two alleged leaders identified in the investigations: Carlos Roberto Aguilar Becerra and Franklin Ariel Acevedo Zuñiga.

Also on the list are: Fernando Jaén Alvarado, Kevin Javier Burac Tuñón, Elvis Joel Bonilla Rojas, Sócrates Abad Castillo, Jonathan Manuel Amaya Martínez and José Pimentel.

On Thursday Nicel Solano, a former official of the Judicial Branch was captured in the ongoing operation, which dismantled the HP gang (Humility and Purity), which operated in eastern Panama and collaborated with the Clan del Golfo, from Colombia.

Solano,– according to the Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime – provided legal advice on defense strategies to the members of the gang. Her capture occurred in the province of Los Santos.

According to the prosecution, the HPgang is a criminal group allegedly responsible for activities of illicit association, contract killings, drug trafficking, and illicit association, and it would have close collaboration with the Clan del Golfo.

A statement from the Judicial Branch specified that Solano worked in that institution since 2010 and held various positions. The last of them was that of interim assistant to the magistrate of the Second Criminal Chamber, Maribel Cornejo Batista.

According to the statement, on December 27, Judge Cornejo Batista dismissed Solano.


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Detention for criminal lawyer linked to drug gang


Posted 12/02/2022

After a 12-hour hearing that ended at 3 am on Saturday criminal lawyer Nicel Solano a former assistant to a Supreme Court judge,   and a man were ordered provisional detention charged with organized crime, related to the criminal organization "Honesty and Purity" (HP)", dedicated to international drug trafficking and linked to the Colombian cartel Clan del Golfo.

Solano,   36, who served as an assistant to Supreme Court magistrate, Maribel Cornejo,  was charged with the organized crime and corruption of a public official; while the man, 49,  for the crimes against Collective Security, and Organized Crime.

Both were apprehended last Thursday as part of the continuation of Operation "Damascus ", developed since last year.

In his statement before the judge of guarantees, Hironoco Tinoco, the prosecutor Efraín Gálvez, pointed out the alleged link of these two people with a criminal organization allegedly dedicated to the commission of serious crimes in Panama East area, such as kidnapping, robbery, contract killing, extortion, and drug trafficking, among others.

The Public Ministry presented police monitoring and surveillance reports, and, in the case of, WhatsApp transcripts and audios that linked her to the criminal organization and seizure of data, which were legalized in their entirety.

Information leak
The Superior Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime argued during the hearing that there was an alleged leak of information from a Court and some chats were found on a prisoner that is allegedly attributed to the former official.

The Defense announced an appeal against the precautionary measure which will be heard on February 18.


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Court rejects get out of jail card for gang-linked lawyer


Solano at the time of her arrest.

Posted 18/02/2022

The Court of Appeals maintained the provisional detention measure for Nicel Solano, a former official of the Judicial Branch, who is being investigated for her alleged link to an organized crime group.

The Court considered that the change of measure for Solano could be dangerous for the community since it is an issue of organized crime.

Rigoberto Veragara, from Solano's defense, was requesting house arrest at the hearing.

However, on this point, the Court held that Solano could not be in a residence because she could have access to communication equipment.

The Court of Appeals was made up of judges Luis Mario Carrasco, Marlene Morales and Asunción Alonso.

Nicel Solano, a criminal lawyer who was captured on Thursday as a result of her alleged collaboration with the HP gang (Humility and Purity), was charged and ordered arrested last Saturday, February 12, after an extensive hearing.

Eusebio Rangel, another of those investigated in the case will also remain in provisional detention.

Both, detained within Operation Damascus, were charged with the alleged commission of the crime of organized crime. In addition, Solando was also charged with the alleged crime of corruption of public servants.

Solano was an assistant to the magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice Maribel Cornejo until December 27, 2021, just five days after the prosecutor Kritza Tejada revealed in a hearing that a person in the Judicial Branch was leaking information to the HP gang. .


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