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When the voice of the people is heeded

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When the voice of the people is heeded


Posted 12/12/2021

The participation of the communities in the citizen consultations that the municipalities are obliged to carry out, for the use of decentralization funds, is excellent news. Days ago, two were carried out on projects that the Municipality of Panama was going to develop: one to improve Mi Pueblito and another on a change in zoning, in order to develop a yard for the Metro Bus in Don Bosco. Both projects were rejected by the inhabitants of the places where they would be developed. And it is good news because residents are empowered, decide how they want to live, and do not depend on the will of third parties. This is how citizens become empowered, take control of their environment and, later, with consolidated citizen power, the authorities must answer for everything they do or fail to do for the benefit of the majority. Citizens are not servants of officials; in fact, it is the other way around, but most of the time politicians believe they are above popular power. We applaud what these communities have done, not because they rejected or accepted this or that project, but because it was their decision, not that of others. - LA PRENSA, Dec. 12.


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