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Big Property With Potential Development Opportunity in El Frances Close to Boquete Highway – 87 Plus Acres

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This property has easy access to all the amenities of Alto Boquete such as schools, commercial stores, hotels, restaurants, and more.  It is located within 700m from the David – Boquete Highway.

The property’s general topography is slightly sloped and all areas of the land are easily accessible.

The properties are currently used to raise cattle.  95% of the property had been planted with improved kinds of grass such as Decumbens (Bracharia decumbens), and Estrella (Cynodon nenfuensis).  It also has native grasses: Cebollana (Panicum maximum), and common grass.

The property is fenced.  More over, it has a corral and a “chutra”, in good condition, making the handling of the cattle very easy.  There are paths easily accessed by foot or by horse.

The property has...




To go directly to more information, a more complete description and up-to-date pricing on this property, please visit our web site for this property at the link above.

Also find hundreds of other Boquete area properties offered by Casa Solution, the Boquete Area Real Estate Leaders.


We look forward to being of service.


For Reviews of Casa Solution, please click here

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