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OPINION: Crumbs for functional ignoramuses

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OPINION: Crumbs  for functional ignoramuses


Posted 01/12/2021

Education in Panama is among the worst in the world. The State spends hundreds of millions of dollars on education, but the country is full of functional ignoramuses, ready to elect their rulers using the criteria of a vassal and not that of a citizen. The Ministers of Education in recent years have done nothing but make mistakes, if it can be called that, because it is inconceivable that so much has been invested and we have results that are not even mediocre, but rather perverse. What is the use of giving away scholarships, backpacks, computers, and school supplies if our students can barely read, much less understand what they read? And above all, we gave ourselves the toup of leaving the international tests that measure knowledge, to return and realize that the situation, far from improving, it has noticeably worsened. This is how politicians want the people: ignorant so that they do not complain, so that they do not demand accountability, so that they are not informed, to elect ruffians who, in payment for the vote, throw crumbs at them, like the deputies at Christmas or the National Lottery, to their wallets. So much wealth ... and we have never been so poor and ignorant – LA PRENSA, Dec 1.


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