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Cold front prompts prevention warning

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Cold front prompts prevention  warning


Posted 07/11/2021

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc)  issued a  prevention warning for most of the Panamanian Isthmus due to the second cold front of the season.

According to reports, this is the second cold front to enter Central America and that would eventually affect the Panamanian provinces, coasts, and regions.

The climatological event will reinforce the rains during the next few days in regions, such as Guna Yala, Ngäbe-Bugle and Emberá Wounaan and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Panama.

Other provinces that could be affected are Bocas del Toro, Colón, Veraguas Darién, Panama, Panama Oeste, Herrera, Coclé, Los Santos and Chiriquí.

"The accumulated rainfall per day ranges from 10 to 70 millimeters or liters of water per square meter and in mountainous regions and mountain ranges may be higher," according to specialists from the Directorate of Hydrometeorology of the Electric Transmission Company, SA

Sinaproc recommends: Don't risk your life trying to cross streams; If it rains avoid driving at high speed; Avoid getting close to power lines.



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