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$80 Million in Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal

Panama is planning the construction and expansion of a liquefied natural gas terminal in an area of eleven thousand square meters in the Port of Cristobal, Telfers Island.

Monday, September 27, 2021

"The project to be built in Panama focuses on the expansion of the regasification and liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution capacity of the North Coast Terminal (Costa Norte Lng Terminal). Consequently, the project is partially located at the North Coast Terminal, on Telfers Island, in the Port of Cristobal, in the town of Cristobal, district of Colón, province of Colón.

The north coast terminal has an area of 10,860.54 m2 of land and 5,425.12 m2 of water (seabed). All of this is located within the Panama Ports Company concession.
The north coast terminal currently has a tank with a storage capacity of 180,000 m3 of liquefied natural gas, a dock for vessels of between 3,000 m3 and 160,000 m3, a regasification facility, and a truck loading terminal for LNG distribution.
Adjacent to the terminal area is the Atlantic natural gas generation plant with a generating capacity of 381 MW, the plant and terminal auxiliary buildings, as well as the administrative buildings.
Installation of a 20-inch, 1.5 km underground gas pipeline consisting of cryogenic piping, valves, couplings, a hipps (high integrity pressure protection system) high-pressure management system, and a measurement and monitoring system.



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