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Boquete Jazz Festival Green Room Support


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My apologies for delayed email, It was a bit of a mission finalizing BJBF bits and getting myself out of the country the following week. Now that I have a moment I would like to sincerely thank all the Green Room volunteers for their awesome work during the festival weekend. There has always been great appreciation from the artists for the Green Room space, but this year we surpassed ourselves. The likes of John Carney, Lee Oskar, Rigoberto Band, and others took the time to personally offer heartfelt thanks for the fantastic hospitality, and agreed our Green Room was second to none. !! Fantastic job to all of you.

My special thanks specifically to Gina Brick, Antoinetta Sherrard and Doreen DeLong who took on the mantle of day management and long hours. Also big thanks to the great team of Penny Zibula and her husband Simon Lock who washed and cleaned and dried and transported the dishes for two solid days.

The food was exceptionally sensational this year. !! To all the wonderful food donators, I really want to thank you . As usual the fabulous community of Boquete came together and pulled off a masterpiece. I would like to make mention of the Boquete businesses who supported us this year: Morts Bakery, Sugar and Spice, Mikes Global Grill and I am indebted to Señora Anayansi Menendez who has been a tremendous supporter of the Green Room for the last 5 years. As always, it was a pleasure to work with Señora Analia Velasquez and her immediate crew. Also to those fabulous people who loaned chafers, crock pots, rice cooker and griddle to ensure the smooth running and presentation of the Green Room Buffet, and to my ever ready team of wonderful men and Carol Orgain with trucks and trusty muscles to transport all the necessary paraphernalia to build a kitchen to and from VE. Not forgetting to mention my wonderful Panamanian friend Caesar who every year has entrusted his beloved plants to imbibe the Green Room with peace and serenity, and to Erin and Dave Ross.

You guys are all legends. It simply would not happen without you all. Again, I thank you for your unfailing support.

Vicki Whittle

Admin_01 footnote: due to the formatting used in the source email for this posting, we experienced a lot of difficulty in getting it properly posted. Normally this message would have been posted by NewsLady, but I have stepped in to fix the formatting issues.


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