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AFX Express - Package Forwarding


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Hi there,

I would like to recommend this service for the ones who use to bring packages from anywhere in the World. They have very good rates and do not charge for volume, just the weight of the package.


Their rates are the following:

1-10 pounds: $3.00 p/p

11-20 pounds: $2.80 p/p

20+ pounds: $2.50 p/p

They also provide shipping protection for valuable packages. The price is determined by them. From what I know, it is a small percentage of the total cost of the product.


The process is straightforward. You just contact them and they assign you the shipping address to receive the packages in the US. Usually, they take from 3-5 days to arrive.

The contacts are:

Cellphone: 6216-4241

Email: afxcarga@gmail.com


In addition to this, they are also providing 3 free pounds by using my referral code "Joel Ledezma" when notifying them. This applies when the delivery in confirmed.


This is the location:



Due to the pandemic, they are using their warehouse at Multicargas for now.

This is the location:



They are also providing home deliveries. You have to contact them for the rates.


So far, they have provided the best services in the province. I recommend them.






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