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Casa decor Boquete is pleased to have a wonderful selection of art, oils, prints, watercolors, and something for everyone. The store is a mess still, we love to have it beautifully staged, however, people are still coming in and buying. Next week it will look much better, it just takes time. Take some time to drop by, you will be glad you did.DSCN4652.JPG.f5ed5c6f96c61742ab68ea9e724DSCN4520.JPG.74d76594075cf2578086dc44bd3DSCN4674.JPG.2c3a161455a583e90b4794d47f7DSCN4526.thumb.JPG.d25922a6267ce0845fba7DSCN4527.thumb.JPG.ae07f757c52b6df2a69f2DSCN4695.JPG.866fd1d74f249a7914bd333fc2fDSCN4598.thumb.JPG.6d499b4016cb89e988537DSCN4650.JPG.aa498ab5b447f8eeb300ee0a1d9DSCN4621.thumb.JPG.0dd0dcf2ff3dc1bc677abDSCN4601.thumb.JPG.b4571c795bcd8e895885dDSCN4650.JPG.aa498ab5b447f8eeb300ee0a1d9





DSCN4679 (3).JPG


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