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We were all horrified to learn of the violent attack on our friend Richard Moore on a peaceful Wednesday morning last week. I know I speak for the entire community in wishing him a speedy recovery.
In the aftermath of the incident, it became common knowledge that Richard for some time had provided security assessments as a volunteer for Alto al Crimen. Some people rather insensitively commented on the irony of a security assessor becoming a crime victim. Even Alto al Crimen failed to immediately support their volunteer, only belatedly announcing that he was a former volunteer as if to distance themselves from his tragedy. It seems that Richard is another victim of the maxim, “No good deed shall go unpunished.” 
Somewhere in the Christian Ten Commandments, there is one about loving your neighbor as your brother. I for one am proud to defend Richard as a brother. 
Richard is a very good man. He and his wife are good people. They are us and we are them. Richard selflessly gave of his time to help make our community a safer place for all. What happened to him was a cruel alignment of circumstances, which, but for the grace of time, place and luck, go all of us. 
Richard was and is concerned with the safety of our community. I would suggest that the best way to honor his loss is to learn what we must - without judgement or criticism - from his experience and apply those lessons to make our own lives and those of our friends, more secure. 
The lessons about how to establish a secure lifestyle are not difficult, but we have been slow to learn them - at a terrible cost in blood and treasure. In the last year alone: Joe Potrebenko, Marion Clamp and now Richard Moore. Along with many others who we are less aware of.
So thank your Richard - Thank you for your service to our community. Thank you for being a shepard and a teacher. We can only hope that your tragedy will help save many others from the disaster of violent crime in the future. It can be done and we much do it, just as you taught us. 
Dr. Sleepwell
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