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Coming Without Things?

Casa Decor Boquete

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There are few newcomers that bring anything but suitcases and a family photo album or pet. It can feel a little unfamiliar in a new place without personal items. When you see some of the almost empty rentals you'll see what I mean. Help is here! There is La Reyna downtown a department store with all kinds of household items and bedding. Dishes, pots and pans you name it. They have some furniture from time to time as well. There is also Casa Décor Boquete in Alto Boquete. This store offers gently used or almost new items and consigned home furnishings and décor. There is art, you find a wide selection of throw pillows, lamps and rugs. Side tables and chairs. Jewelry, art, and wood crafts.

People have yard sales, garage sales, there are flea markets and moving sales. So check out the posts and learn the ropes around the local sites online. You can also find a bigger selection of everything in David in stores like Arrocha, Conway, Do It Center, Novey,  Baru Super Market, EP Furniture, and Furniture City next door the Rey. Many other options are available if you have a local, knowledgeable person to drive you.


Casa Décor Boquete has a wide selection of excellent "finds"




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