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BHH Presents "Yoga for the Rest of US


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Monthly Meeting
February 14th 10-11am

Animales Event Center
Directions to Animales

Celeste Mendelsohn Presents

"Yoga for the Rest of Us"
Celeste is a yoga therapist and meditation instructor whose work focuses on the journey to healthy aging, which involves a better understanding of how stress and anxiety affect us, and how the lack of movement and regular exercise creates a lot of the “issues we have in our tissues.” She has a passion for helping people to feel more at home in their bodies and comfortable with their thoughts.

Celeste will take the group through some basic techniques that will help you relax more, feel better, and sleep more soundly. Please come to the meeting in comfortable clothes. No need for a mat or props, but you should be able to move around without clothing being restricting.  Donations to support our work are gratefully accepted.

Yoga is everywhere these days: gyms, studios, parks, even on surfboards and mountaintops. People are striving to find, as Celeste’s daughter would say, “their Zennie zone.” The problem is that in order to do what they think they need to do to be fit, hip, cool, and Zen they work very hard at looking like they are, and lose the ability to be.

As older humans who have been around a while, we may be a bit jaded to this sort of behavior. It could even turn people against the very idea of yoga as a healing modality for them. All the hype that seems to go with the get-fit yoga lifestyle is exhausting, frustrating, and honestly—expensive! $150 yoga pants? Really?!? What about the rest of us? Is yoga for us?

Yes, it is, especially now. Many people don’t realize how beneficial yoga can be to their healthy aging, well-being, sleep, strength and overall fitness. As we age we tend to lean toward a more sedentary lifestyle. But doing this can cause untold damage to our bodies and our brains. We need to keep moving! This doesn’t mean running marathons or surfing the big waves—unless you want to! But it should include focused techniques for breathing and movement, starting with good, easy stretches that will leave you feeling more comfortable in your body and with a peaceful mind.

Celeste Mendelsohn is an IAYT Certified yoga therapist and an ERYT500 teacher with Yoga Alliance. She is certified to teach meditation, and is currently training in iRest Yoga Nidra and EMDR. Celeste works with clients with a variety of issues, including heart disease, cancer, mobility challenges, anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction. Yoga tarana means yoga for healing, which Celeste practices herself, and hopes to teach others to do, every day of her life.
 There is still room, click the button below to sign up for the CPR class. It will be held right after the meeting there is still room.
Sign up CPR

Our mailing address is:
Alto Boquete, info@boquetehealth.org

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