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THE TABLE - The Ultimate Geisha Coffee Pairing Menu


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THE TABLE this Thursday, January 30, 2020, at 6PM.
Claudia Schumann, Executive Chef at SCHUMANN’S Restaurant is preparing a 4 Course Gourmet Menu dedicated to Geisha Coffee. 

Sit together with Geisha Coffee and Geisha Coffee Liqueur and Liquor producers and specialists. 

After dinner you can choose from a selection of Geisha Coffee. 

Attending Coffee and Spirit Producers:

Ruben Bayo, Producer of COLIBRI Geisha Coffee Liquor and other Artisan Spirits. roncolibri.com

Justin Boudeman, Producer of LONGBOARD SPECIALTY COFFEE. longboardcoffees.com

Roderick Tedman, Producer of ANTAÑO Geisha Coffee Liqueur and other Specialty Fruit Liqueurs

Make your reservation:

Email: info@schumannsrestauant.com

Phone: +507-6657-5555

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3 hours ago, BD said:

Isn’t that a lot of money for one meal? I wonder if they honor the jubilado discount.

This is a special dining event with course menu by reservation only... not a public walk-in venue....it is not a one plate dish! You receive several dishes with some very expensive food items like duck and scallops!

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