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4 Day Spanish Pronunciation Class with Renny


This event begins 11/05/2018 and repeats every week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until 11/09/2018


<>  Details and cost at the end. <>  ...and it starts SOON!     


Hi everybody!  <>  Here’s something to think about: 


No matter how well you string words together, and no matter how much you understand, as an English speaker, you developed hearing and speaking patterns that clash with the Spanish sound system. Fortunately, these tendencies are predictable and fixable once you become aware of them. By understanding the things you’re inclined to do wrong, you can begin to make sense of these differences.


This is more than a class about pronunciation rules for the language. There’s rhythmic flow, lilts and cadences that if you don’t master, your Spanish pronunciation will always be lacking, always have that strong “gringo” sound, and unfortunately, what you say is sometimes unintelligible to Spanish speakers.


By now everyone knows that in Spanish the vowels are pronounced the same in almost every case, but when two or more vowels appear together, getting that mouthful of twists and turns of the tongue to come out sounding correct is both funny and frustrating.




The vowels account for only 5 letters, but the vowel patterns account for 80% of everything you will say in Spanish.  Hearing these patterns and incorporating them into your speech gets you beyond that “wall” you’ve hit.  With a bit of awareness and practice everyone can improve the control over the tongue’s movement.   Some of your pronunciation errors may seem like minor details, but it is important because certain fast sound combinations make your speech impossible to understand. If you have been here any time at all, you realize the need to know more of the pronunciation nuances, accents, vowel combinations, silent letters, etc. as you get to speaking at faster and faster speeds. Sometimes it’s just getting those vowel sounds out of your mouth in the correct order, right?  Example: la Corregiduría, igualdad que conquistaremos, Ampliación de los auditados…. say those 3 times fast!


Join this fun and very short class with Renny. (References available upon request.)

Mon & Tues, Nov 5 and 6


Thurs & Fri   Nov 8 and 9


All classes are from 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.  That’s right!  4 days 2-1/2 hrs a day. The classes will be given IN BOQUETE. (TBA) 


COST:  $90       

rennykranich@gmail.com  if interested.

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