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Pilates Classic Mat Class


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This event begins 10/13/2018 and repeats every week on Saturday until 12/29/2018

The New! Saturday 10:30- 11:45 a.m. Mat Class will instruct the Classic mat series, emphasizing the Pilates Principles of concentration, control, precision, flow, and proper breathing. Mat work specifically works the core or what Pilates referred to as the “powerhouse,” simultaneously strengthening and stretching the total body creating long, lean muscles. It also emphasizes the thighs and hamstrings, stretching and strengthening the anterior and posterior muscles of the upper-legs. Warm-up exercises will be done standing at the wall and/or facing the mirror, to observe and perfect one's form. We will begin with doing the exercises at the beginner's level. Those who can will be shown how to progress. In this manner all levels and abilities of students can work together. Variations will also be shown- utilizing props- for those with physical limitations. To whatever degree each person can perform each exercise, he or she is learning and doing Pilates. It is inevitable that with time, patience and practice, each student will acquire better concentration, control and form.

Classes may be joined anytime. Regular attendance is preferred to progress with the class as it moves through the series. However, information regarding all levels of Pilates mat classes can also be attained on you-tube,  to enhance one's attendance.

The Teaser- An Advanced Classic Pilates Mat exercise. A number of variations of this exercise done at the beginner and intermediate levels [with or without props] tone the muscles and prepare the practitioner to eventually perform the full execution.. Notice the perfect symmetry of the entire body. The legs and lower back are long and strong as are her abdominal muscles. The shoulders and hips are square, and her arms perfectly parallel her legs. Too, her head and neck are connected with the spine, as her chest is lifted and she is looking forward at her toes. The demonstrator has control of her total body.

All classes are $9 each, or a 4 class package can be purchased for $30, to be taken within a month. An unlimited class package is also available for $72.

 Holiday special for NEW Students! 4 Classes to be taken in 2 weeks for $24. All props are provided. However, do bring a Yoga mat if you have one,  to be guaranteed two for comfort, when we go down to the floor.

Interested, - but have questions? Email Susan Clare*, Certified Pilates Instructor, at suzeclare@gmail.com

*In the US, Susan Clare was a Certified Yoga Instructor and  Integrative Yoga Therapist for 20 years, a Personal Trainer in a hospital gym and a lic. Massage Therapist for 30 years. She has, since relocating to Boquete, been solely teaching Pilates for 6 years. Susan is Passionate about Pilates and totally devoted to preserving the Pilates method of exercise and movement. The more she explores & works it, the more she loves it!

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