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People First-Privacy & Decentralization of the Internet



In the beginning, the internet was an inter-connected group of computers, independent and autonomous. Fast forward to today and the vast majority of internet traffic is processed by centralized servers where your privacy is shredded and your personal details are sold to the highest bidder. In this era of BIg Data, entities like Cambridge Analytics and Facebook have even used your profiles to influence elections. It's time to fight back and the Internet of People is building the infrastructure to empower people over things, people over profits, people over politics. Join us at BCP on Tuesday, July 3 for a look into the decentralized future of the internet. For a sneak peek, watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhkTGnGtr1s

visit: www.iop.global
email: ioppanama@gmail.com
Kevin Fisher- Chapter Leader Panama


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I was trying to wrap my aging brain around this topic for this coming Tuesday, but not succeeding. Was considering going to this talk but since I live near David it is a hassle for me to go there. 

Ended up doing some internet research. Yes, I know the internet has a lot of crap, but I am pretty good at filtering out crap.

I found one Guardian article that kinda helped me to begin to see the bigger picture. Learned that there are two domains of this “internet of” thinking: Internet of Things, and Internet of People. This talk by Kevin is on the second concept.

You might want to review the Guardian article that I uncovered before going to BCP next Tuesday: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/may/25/forget-internet-of-things-people

I am still thinking about whether I jump on a bus to go to listen. Not knowing how savvy Kevin is on this topic is part of my concern. For Kevin, I don’t mean that as an insult. I just don’t think of the majority of people in Panama — both Panamanian and guests — as being super sophisticated. The description says he is a “Chapter Leader” for the people group so hopefully he sees the bigger picture and the issues involved.

For me thie biggest concern is over loss of privacy.

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P.S., the website that Kevin referred to — www.iop,global — seemed far too technical and focused on digital money for my liking.

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Hi BD,

I certainly understand your reluctance to make a long drive for what appears to be an obscure topic. Even though we are part of the larger blockchain community, crypto- currencies is not the  focus of my talk. As you can see, that subject is not mentioned in my description. As a  community, we have been more focused on building the infrastructure for a decentralized internet. This is what I will be talking about and how it will be possible to regain privacy as we move forward. This is also not a tech talk but I will cover some of the progress we've made. Here's a link to an article by one of our founders that will give you a better sense of the scope of our project. Hope to see you Tue.



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