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Book Study Group: Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying


Event details

This event began 05/13/2018 and repeats every week on Sunday until 07/29/2018



By Sogyal Rinpoche


Beyond “getting our affairs in order”, we in the west have been given little in the way of information, guidance and support as we face the most important event in our lives and in the lives of all beings: Dying and death.  For the most part we have been left with a dread of death and ignorance about its actual process. Our death forms the root and background of our lives, yet we live as though it does not exist. This “out of sight out of mind” aversion and denial of death need not be our experience.  Instead we can learn from those who, over thousands of years, have made a profound study and exploration of this event and have shared their understandings with any who are open and receptive to a different way of relating to both Life and Death.

Readers from many different spiritual and religious backgrounds have been helped, blessed and transformed by the wise and compassionate teachings from this widely read book.  One does not have to become a Buddhist in order to benefit from it.

From the Forward by The Dalai Lama:

“In this timely book, Sogyal Rinpoche focuses on how to understand the true meaning of life, how to accept death, and how to help the dying and the dead….Death and Dying provide a meeting point between the Tibetan Buddhist and modern scientific traditions.  I believe both have a great deal to contribute to each other on the level of understanding and of practical benefit….This book offers readers not just a theoretical account of death and dying, but also practical measures for understanding and for preparing themselves and others in a calm and fulfilling way.”

If you are interested in exploring this book please contact Evelyn Kendall  evelynkendall@gmail.com  I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

The book study is held in a private home in Alto Boquete.  We meet on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. If this time is not convenient for those who wish to participate, an additional meeting time will be established to accommodate as many people as possible.

Our first Meeting will be Sunday May 13.  If you do not have the book by then don’t worry as we will have introductions and a general discussion.

There is no cost involved beyond the purchase of the book.  The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is available on Amazon as a Kindle ($2.99) or paperback ($12.67) copy


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