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Art Exhibit Opening Reception, 4pm-6pm, Fri November 13th

Boquete Art Cafe


Boquete Art Cafe is pleased to announce an exhibition for artist:


Opening reception Friday, November 6th, 4-6pm.  Complimentary appetizers will be served.


Born in Provence, France, Vivianne has been painting since early childhood. Upon moving to Hong Kong in 1982 she began taking lessons with Beijing-born artist, Miss Chan, who recognized her talent for  the Chinese brush painting style.

Miss Chan encouraged her to study with Chinese Masters of the art form: Master Joseph Ottan, Master Chao Fei-Shih (who specializes in birds and flowers), and Master Yang Ottsi, who is an ongoing source of inspiration. Ms. Lachaud's specialties have become ink, watercolor and landscape painting.   Vivianne later studied with Master Hau Chiok of the Southern Lignan School of Painting, which is characterized by the use of bright colors and vigorous brushwork.  An important objective of Vivianne's work is achieving a synthesis of Chinese techniques and traditional Asian mediums and adapting them to Western concepts of painting.

Vivianne has had successful exhibitions in Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Paris and St. Tropez.

Website : www.vivelart.com

Email : viviannelachaud@yahoo.com







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