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What is the Party Bus?

Judith Tovar


What is the “Party Bus”!!!!

Linda Hart and Judy Tovar have been organizing amazing trips to see the Embera Indians on The Chagres River, did 2 trips to see “Panama The Musical” play in Panama City,  we did the Ocean to Ocean trip by going to Colon to see the new set of locks and taking the train from Colon to Panama City..and have done some “day trips” to Dracula Orchid Farm in Cerro Punta, to see 2 of the Championship games at the new Stadium in David..and an amazing Cinco de Mayo Party in a Mexican restaurant in David.

We organize everything for you so that you don`t have to worry about anything.  From the  moment you get on our “Party Bus” we take care of you giving you a Continental Breakfast and/or Snacks, Mimosas, Wine, Water.    We entertain you the whole way to Panama City and back. 

We stay in super good hotels in Panama City..lately have been staying at the “Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel”..which everybody loves.

In Panama City we use Easy Travel Panama´s wonderful bilingual guides for our "personalized" tours.   (website: www.easytravelpanama.net)

You can ask persons who have taken trips with us and they can tell you our trips are TONS of fun..and SUPER well organized.  We do our best to make each trip unforgettable.

We will keep you posted as soon as we decide what other trips we are planning in the near future.

If you have a group of at least 20 persons and have a trip in mind let us know and we would be happy to organize everything for you.


 Please contact: 

Linda Hart – lhart249@hotmail.com


Judith Tovar  - easytravel@cwpanama.net  

(website: www.easytravelpanama.net)

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Linda Hart and Judith Tovar want to wish you Beautiful people a “Happy Mothers Day”.


                  Happy Mothers Day Wishes 2018: Mother’s day is one of the most important days of the year because this day is completely dedicated to all the maternal figures in our house. We thought that it is only celebrated for our mothers but that’s not true. This day is celebrated to honor the entire maternal figures which include mother-in-laws, grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers….in our family. That’s why we have to send Mothers day wishes to the entire maternal and  paternal community.


Thank you for accompanying us…”The Party Bus”… on some of the wonderful trips we have organized this year.

Hope to have you aboard on many more to come!

We send you and your families Tons of Blessings today and always.   

Linda and Judy


 Please contact: 

Linda Hart – lhart249@hotmail.com


Judith Tovar  - easytravel@cwpanama.net  

(website: www.easytravelpanama.net)

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