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8 hours ago, Paula said:

See the reply on Facebook on Chiriqui Noticias from a person.  The man did not pass in a restaurant.  He passed in an apartment behind the restaurant. R.I.P.

Yes Paula, the news report was wrong on every count. 

The deceased was a well known friend, Jim Kimball, affectionately known as Gentleman Jim. Although he wasn't discovered until last night, it seems he probably passed on Christmas Eve.

A friendly but quiet fellow, Jim genuinely cared about others and was always asking after one acquaintance or another. He lived a very humble life here, first above the old Amigos until it became Baru and then afterwards over Roxan's salon. 

Jim and I had both been in Costa Rica before coming to Panama and he liked to tell people that at one point "we shared the same crooked lawyer". 

Admirably, Jim lived quietly from his savings. He told me he never collected Social Security, believing that if he didn't need the money, it was best left for others who did.

We think he knew that his time was short but aren't sure what preparations he may have made, if any. Several of us are making inquiries, as we know he had a sister.

RIP my friend.

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