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Coffee -- Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP); Boquete's Geisha Coffee; Coffee Competitions (Cuppings); Coffee Auctions

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This topic is being spawned from an already existing topic that was started in February 2017 with an email by Price Peterson that was distributed to the Boquete community via News.Boquete. That spawning topic is cited in the first posting here. If you would like to see the other postings related to the original topic, please visit that topic by clicking on the right-pointing arrow at the far right of the referenced article.

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Panama Geisha coffee sets new world record at $1,300 a pound


The managers and teams of the Sophia and Guaramo farms watch the bidding in Chiriqui.

Posted 17/09/2020

While the world reels from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19, pandemic Panama set a new price record for coffee with international buyers bidding $1,300  and 50 cents a pound for. Olympus washed Geisha from the Sophia farm in the Chiriqui highlands. on Wednesday, September 16.

Close behind in the high stakes bidding  $1000 and  50 cents a pound was the natural geisha Jaguar by Tessie and Rattibor Hartmann, a, from the Guarumo Coffee farm, located in Santa Clara de Renacimiento.

“This is is an incentive to continue producing the specialty coffee that puts Panama on the world map of the best coffees, "said Plinio Ruiz, president of the Association of Specialty Coffee Producers

The online auction began,  at 6 pm with  50 lots of coffee offered in the varieties: Natural Geisha, washed Geisha, pacamara, traditional washed and traditional natural, and continued until after 10.30.

The Olympus of Finca Sophia is a grain grown on a farm located in New Switzerland, in the  Highlands t of  Chiriqui  at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level. It is owned by  Hellen Russel, Brooke Mc Donnell, Willem Boot, and Catherine Cadloni, and managed by coffee expert Kelly Hartmann.

Harttmann said that that the achievement is a recognition for so much teamwork, from the one who cleans the plots, the one who collects the grain, the one who processes it, and for all those involved in the activity.

Last year, during the virtual auction, the highest price paid for Panama coffee was $1,229 per pound for the Lamastus family's Elida Geisha.



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Panama coffee  and salsa elevate the soul


Posted 09/03/2021

By Margot Thomas

Panamanian coffee has become a measuring stick for coffee growers around the world with the quality of the fine and aromatic beans from the highlands of Chiriqui while multi grammy awards winner Ruben Blades has set the height of the bar for salsa singers. 

Now after several years of‘ marinating’, Blades has combined with   Benito Bermúdez, founder, barista, and roaster of Café Unido to market  Café Siembra, which will serve as an exponent of the local aroma and flavor in local markets and internationally.

The project combines two great exponents of Panama, coffee, and the musical legacy of the artist and composer Rubén Blades, who puts his signature on the packaging as a seal of quality and support for the pn national, product highlights Benito.

“Café Siembra is a mixture of two types of coffee, a very fruity natural one, with a native flavor and a washed coffee that allows a balance. It is a composition of 75% natural caturra coffee and 25% washed catuai, toasted omni roast type, with a profile that represents all Panamanians.

"We wanted to create a well-balanced coffee that everyone would like, which will represent Panama and a coffee to drink every day."

Benito Bermúdez details that the coffee is available in all Café Unido stores in the country and also through the store's online commerce and in Washington DC. "We are sending green coffee from Panama to the United States to our store in Washington DC, where we have also just set up our roasting center to have fresh coffee for the entire market," Bermúdez details.

Like the entire restaurant sector, the coffee shop business was also affected by the stoppage of activities imposed by the authorities as a result of the pandemic.

However, Bermúdez says that in the midst of confinement they took advantage of electronic commerce and delivery to remain active with the sale of a wide variety of specialty coffees, food and implements to learn how to make at home. a high quality coffee.

He maintains that the pandemic has also been the opportunity for many of the fans and lovers of good coffee to learn how to prepare it correctly. "It has been quite successful with the sale of equipment to make filtered coffee at home and even more professionally."

Making coffee is a science that honors the hard work of Panamanian coffee growers. A roasted or ground grain that with its aroma elevates the soul.



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“Best of Panama” coffee competition goes virtual


Posted 17/06/2021

BOQUETE, Chiriquí.  51  Panama coffee producers are participating in the  'The Best of Panama 2021' competition using 14,550 pounds of geisha coffee and 11,550 pounds of coffees of traditional varieties. 

The competition is being held virtually due to the pandemic.

Daniel Peterson, president of the Panama Association of Specialty Coffee, said that there are 174 lots of coffees registered in the competition that attracts world buyers of the bean.

There are 97 lots of geisha coffee, of which 45 are washed and another 52 were processed naturally; meanwhile, there are 77 lots of coffees in the varietal category, which includes all traditional variety coffees.

After the delivery of the samples, the tasting will be held with national judges from July 5 to 9, while the tasting with international judges will be from August 2 to 7.

The coffee samples with the highest scores will in turn enter the worldwide electronic auction planned for September 22.

“This is the central event to promote Panamanian coffee growing and it is not an option to suspend it, it will be virtual, the national tasting will be by national judges in their respective laboratories. We have complex but functional logistics, the correct water with the same amount of minerals will be used the same as last year, and in the case of the International tasting the samples will be sent to the judges in each of their countries ”, said Peterson.

There is a high expectation for the innovations that this year Panamanian coffee growers bring in traditional and anaerobic processes, seeking to satisfy the palate of demanding international buyers.



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40 samples of Panama’s best coffee head to world judges


Posted 13/07/2021

After a week of tasting by 17 Panamanian judges 40 samples of the best coffee in Panama, will be sent to international judges for evaluation in the next round of “The Best of Panama”, which will be held in August.

The Panamanian grain will be judged by a panel of 19 international judges, who will be in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States States, Bulgaria and Australia.

Among those classified, there are 10 batches of washed geisha coffee, 10 batches of natural and processed geisha, 10 batches of washed varietal coffee and 10 batches of natural and processed varietals, which will be subjected to the strictest evaluation.

"In this classification, the Panamanian judges found very interesting combinations of flavors and fragrances, they discovered a classic geisha coffee with jasmine and floral scent, with a lemongrass flavor and others with very interesting processes in the case of natural geisha flavors. In others, there was a mixture of cinnamon, a touch of lemon and cloves, but in a very pleasant way” said a Best of Panama spokesman.



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Panama Geisha coffees score near perfect with international judges


Posted 08/08/2021

Geisha coffees grown in Panama scored almost perfect ratings by international juries, with up to 98 points, in the XXV International Best of Panama (BOP) Tasting, which ended on August 7 

Nineteen international judges, from Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States, while there was mirror cupping by a group of national judges.

The note includes the impressions of the judges, who expressed their joy at finding the typical Geisha from Panama, with its unique flavor of blackberries, tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya, and above all very citrus, which shows the dedication of each coffee grower.

“It is clear that more producers are using the most advanced processing techniques to increase the intensity of what can be tasted in the cup. There are also more varieties entering the competition and getting very high scores from the judges. This is very exciting for the industry! Panama is once again breaking new ground in the ultra-premium sector of the specialty coffee industry, ”said Will Young, the Australian chief judge of the XXV International Tasting of the BOP.

International judges rated Panama specialty coffees with much higher scores than last year, above 94 and 95, an indication of the quality of Panama coffee, added Daniel Peterson, president of the Association of Specialty Coffee of Panama (SCAP).



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"Surreal” Panama Geisha coffee tops $2,500 a pound


Posted 22/09/2021

BOQUETE, Chiriquí -  Geisha coffee from the heart of the Amistad International Park sold for $2,568 a pound in the international auction of the “Best of Panama”, almost doubling the previous record of $1,300  set last year.

The new  record holder is Nuguo Geisha Fermented coffee , from the Nuguo farm, owned by José Gallardo and located in Jurutungo, Renacimiento district,

Last year at the auction, the highest price paid was $1,300 for a Geisha coffee from Sophia Farm in the Highlands.

Gallardo, called the price"surreal".

In the recent tasting international judges, Nuguo Fermented coffee reached a score of 94.75 on a base of 100 points and they described it as a “coffee with fun flavors, where the sweetness of the cherry is mixed with the acidity of tropical fruits.

The Avalanche of Flavors exhibition by the Sittón family, in the washed geisha category, reached a price of $1,502 a pound.



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