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New El Matador Product -------- Ouch-Aid Colloidal Silver Gel


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                                                            OUCH-AID Colloidal Silver Gel 


Many of you know how good colloidal silver is for treating colds, flu, viral infections, intestinal tract infections (gastroenteritis or candida), etc.  You also know how effective colloidal silver is for treating burns, scrapes, cuts, insect bites and other external problems.  Sometimes, when it comes to topical applications, it’s hard to figure out how to apply it so that it does not run off or dry too quickly.   But all that is about to end! 

From the vast laboratories of El Matador and our staff of scientists (only one, actually), we want you to know about and experience El Matador  

                                                    OUCH-AID Colloidal Silver Gel

You can apply the new gel liberally to a burn and cover lightly with some gauze or even a piece of plastic wrap.    You can put a dab on a Band-Aid and apply to a cut or scrape.    You can spread it on your skin in an area where you have insect bites.  Use it to treat sun burn, acne, rosacea, athlete’s foot and other skin maladies.

El Matador OUCH-AID Colloidal Silver Gel is made with a stronger concentration of silver than El Matador Colloidal Silver liquid.  Internally, your body cannot effectively use more than ten to fifteen parts per million.  But for external use, the higher concentration can equal faster healing and better protection against infection.

El Matador OUCH-AID Colloidal Silver Gel is just the thing to keep in your medicine cabinet for little problems and accidents.  It is also a great idea to keep some in your car.  If you’re a hiker, you may want another for your pocket or backpack. 

El Matador Colloidal Silver products (both liquid and gel) are made with pure, safe materials.  Keep both around to “cure what ails you.”

El Matador Colloidal Silver liquid is available in bottles of four ounces ($10), eight ounces ($15) and one quart ($45). 

The new El Matador OUCH-AID Colloidal Silver Gel

comes in  90 milliliter screw-top jars ($10).


I try to keep a good selection of El Matador products in my car (and a few in my pickup truck) so that there is a chance I’ll have what you need in case we meet at the Tuesday Market or a store or restaurant.  If you send an email to usn11958@gmail.com on any day before Tuesday, I’ll try to be sure to have what you want on Tuesday morning at the market.  Look for the guy in the El Matador tee shirt.


Bob Gregory

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