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Is Panama like the US with regards to highway safety?

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Is Panama like the US with regards to highway safety?


Last weekend was a Holiday weekend and when returning to Boquete the entire right lane of via Boquete (north bound) in front of Cefati was occupied with parked cars of people getting their photos taken with the new Boquete sign.


What made this dicey was that via Boquete traffic was reduced to one lane, the merge lane from Volcancito Road was full of cars trying to merge into via Boquete, and the parked cars in the right lane were opening and closing their doors.  Not to mention a car exiting Cefati trying to merge into via Boquete.  Obviously this is an accident waiting to happen.


Is Panama like the US that no action will take place such as additional road signs for safety or stationing a transito officer at that intersection on Holidays until there is a fatal accident?








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