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Bill, my guess is that you will be fine.

My doctor at the Chiriqui Hospital had to state no diabetes (or controlled with medication). Not just any doctor will be acceptable. The doctor must be an internist or a geriatric specialist. A general practitioner is not qualified to certify health status for driver license purposes. The doctor will require a current laboratory analysis report. Diabetes does seem to be a major health concern in Panama. 

Remember this was my original drivers license in this country so I believe rules were "more exact" plus I'm older than you and a female.

Good luck.

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9 hours ago, Bill Uhlman said:

In a previous post that I can no longer find, someone mentioned that to get a Panama drivers license requires a diabetes test of some sort. Can anyone tell me if I would be denied a drivers license at age 67 if I have diabetes, even though controlled through medication?

You will not be denied a driver's license because you have diabetes.  Lots of people have diabetes and have licenses.  They just want to see that your blood sugar is normal.  But as Keith said, that is only if you are 70 or older.

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6 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

You will just need a lab test to determine blood type only, Bill.

A Doctor's statement of good health is not required for folks under the age of 70.

There are several Doctors of Internal Medicine in David who provide letters with minimal examination for septuagenarians.

Dra. Digna Diaz at the clinic across from Mike's Global Grill in Boquete can also provide the health certificate.  Call between 12 noon and 7 p,m, to make an appointment.  6615-6740.  She speaks English.

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