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Interesting, and a good question, Two4Paws.

There's a "vet" in Volcan whose nickname is "Dr. Death" and for good reason. I've asked Patricia Chan (Spay Panama) if there is a veterinary organization in which people can lodge complaints. The only information she gave me was that the "organization" circles the wagons to protect their own and that (1) social media was the best way. However, I don't know how many Panamanians (who would lodge complaints) belong to social media (I don't); and 2nd, with the stupid libel laws in Panama, who would dare name her in a complaint?

Any suggestions, folks? This woman needs to be stopped from maiming and killing animals! Unfortunately, she apparently has a thriving business because too many local people don't know about her incompetence. (She also charges exorbitant high prices!)


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A few weeks ago a vet came to our house to treat one of our dogs. First time using this vet. We inquired about the vets' certification. The vet replied with a very vague answer and never said where they were certified to be a Vet. The "Vet" misdiagnosed our dog completely. Luckily we figured it out pretty quickly and brought her to another vet.

We would suggest anyone using a Vet here inquire about the vets schooling and certification. You have a right to know!

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You need to do more than inquire. There were some posts in the past about a vet who, when questioned by a client, claimed to be a graduate of a very prestigious U.S. vet school. It sounded suspicious to me that a graduate of that school would be practicing in Chiriqu when there clearly would be better opportunities elsewhere. I contacted the records department of the vet school in question and was told they had no record of him. Trust but verify.

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