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Who's Bog?

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I read it and here are my thoughts.   First, I am not sure Bob is his real name but that is really unimportant at this point in time.   You only get one chance to introduce yourself and your way of doing business to the community.   I am never comfortable with a secretive person or company but that is just me.  On the other hand, what is important is the fact that he is publicly admitting to some of his errors.   I always respect a person that does that because it is not easy and it shows some character.  I will give the man points for that.

I suspect that he has decided to moderate by committee because he is finding that each moderator has their own idea of how to run things.   It will be interesting to see how that goes.  I am always doubtful of doing things by committee but I know that is my own personal bias.   I wonder if Ogla and Ambreen were occasionally knocking heads.

What I was disappointed to see was there was no apology nor invitation to return for the members that were banned.   Based on that, I am not sure if he fully gets it yet.   I think he gets the fact that you need varying opinions and they will be passionate at times.   I think he gets that his "lets all be nice and everyone is happy" mentality does not promote discussion or interest.   But in my personal opinion there is still a portion of the entire picture he is missing.   Long standing members, community leaders and people with vast experience have been banned.   Those are your resources.   Those are the hardest things to bring together and once you have shown them the door, they have no reason to return. That is also one of the strengths of Chiriqui Life.   I did not see anything to indicate he understands or wants to change that part of the past.  He is too focused on getting the moderator function correct to see the value of what has been lost. 

For me, it is merely something to watch evolve.    I see other things on the horizon, both here in Chiriqui Life and in my own projects.

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I think his real name is Bob Hunter and he was probably in a low place when writing and therefore made some typos. I believe this because I've had some communication with him that was reasonable and he always called himself Bob Hunter.

I guess he's thinking about moving to Boquete. He certainly needed someone who lived here to run the site. Even Olga was only here about a year while she was working at Hotel Valle del Rio. Keith was a good choice but a little incompatible with a rigid ideology.

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CJ:? These bogshoes look very much like the snowshoes we used in the NW part of the US. Fun to travel across the snow via these things. I remember the boy who thought he could go faster if he removed the snowshoes. Poor kid almost sank to his chin in a snow drift. Several people worked hard to lift him out of his situation and got him back on his snowshoes. He didn't remove those snowshoes after that experience.

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