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this is a post about recycling.

We want everyone here in Chiriqui to recycle.  However, people  keep sending me questions like this one: "when will we be able to accept this or that to be recycled" Please be aware that at this time, in David and Boquete,  only clear glass is being accepted at the various recycle collection centers.  They take things as well as shown in the photo here.
Our new group here in Boquete, is busy researching where to take colored glass and much more, and will let you know here, when he have that covered as well.  Eventually, we will want alll of your paper and metals, and much much more.Our intention is for everything that CAN be recycled to eventually wherever you live. Please be patient; or better yet, please consider donating some of your new found free-time,as a retiree, to help in this process. Maybe you’ll be the one who finds a way/or a place that takes what you want to turn in! Thanks !    Kindly refrain from asking when will colored glass be accepted, I do not have an answer, other than ASAP!   if you have space, store what you can until we do find a place to take it.   We have found a place to take ALL plastic. As soon as we can, we will post where you can take it.  It will be posted right here, as well as on the boquete ning and boquete news (Facebook).  If you interested in being on our mail list where will blast out all updates to you, please email boqueterrr@gmail.com.

In Boquete, our current drop off center is next to the Bible Fellowship. See map below



Recycle Center.png


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