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(Illegal) Cosmetic/Esthetic Surgery Clinics Run Afoul of the Law, Cause Death and Disfigurement

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Illegal cosmetic surgery death may be manslaughter

Posted on October 2, 2017 in Panama

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PERSONAL INJURY charges against three foreigners following the death of a cosmetic surgery patient could be upgraded to manslaughter, depending on an autopsy report.

. The three are in detention pending an Oct .3 appeal and are also charged with the illegal exercise of the profession by performing invasive treatments in a cosmetic clinic.

The victim who remained in a coma, died on September 29,  after the application of rejuvenating vitamin treatment in the supposed aesthetic clinic.

The Prosecutor said that forensic experts have to determine the causes of death of the victim and stated that it is not ruled out that a reclassification of the case can be carried out for manslaughter.

The investigations show, that the investigated doctor and the supposed nurses do not have the Ministry of Health, certifications. According to information gathered, the alleged physician said that he was a general practitioner, graduated in Argentina, but there is no documentation to certify it, but if true, is not suitable for practising medicine in Panama says the prosecutor.

In a raid on the clinic, a large number of expired drugs were found and it was without sanitary registration and did not meet biosecurity standards.



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“Doctor” detained in cosmetic treatment death

Raid on the clinic

THE DETENTION  of a  supposed “doctor”  allegedly responsible  for the death of a 42- year-old woman Panamanian woman in an illegal aesthetics clinic has been confirmed by an appeals court.

Alpha Samair Santamaría, the wife of a deputy minister,went into a coma during treatment and died six days later on September 29.

The  decision  was handed down by  the Criminal Accusatory System (SPA),  Court of Appeals of the in Tuesday Oct 3.

Colombian juan Carlos Eslava and his two “nurses” at the Agua Viva clinic on Via Brasil are said to have no documentation supporting their alleged  qualifications are  accused of crimes “against life and personal integrity and against the public faith”, for the illegal exercise of the profession.

The detention of Venezuelan Fabiana Pinto and  ColombianDiana Ramírez, the other two involved in the case was overturned but they are banned from leaving the country

Diana Ramírez, it must sign at  the public prosecutor’s office every Monday and Friday, Fabiana Pinto s on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Pinto cannot leave Panama province established at the hearing.

Those involved face charges for performing invasive treatments in the clinic without qualifications

The supposed “doctor” of the clinic does not have documentation to prove  his alleged medical status an

neither he nor his “nurses” also have the certifications required by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

During a search of the clinic Minsa found a large amount of expired medicines without health records.

At the hearing, the prosecutor said that Eslava had been convicted od document forgery in Colombia. The Public Ministry is awaiting the results of an autopsy, and  the investigation is expected to take six months.



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One death, 14 failed cosmetic surgeries


THE DEATH  of a woman in an aesthetic clinic on  Via Brasil following vitamin treatment on September 29 has raised a red flag for Panama health authorities.

The president of the Panamanian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Jorge Cowes, said that cases are being reported of procedures performed by unqualified professionals or people travelling abroad to undergo surgery in low cost, package deals reports La Prensa.

Cowes said that since July this year there has been an increase in patients who come to public health facilities in search of attention for complications of aesthetic surgeries practised abroad.

Data from the association indicate that during the first seven months of the year 14 patients arrived with health complications due to poor procedures, while for the whole of 2016 there were six cases.


Among the surgeries practised abroad that usually present complications are breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty.

Poorly performed plastic and aesthetic surgeries are a public health problem without frontiers.

Packages to travel to other countries to carry out procedures promoted on social networks include airfare and hospital costs, among other benefits, but do not include alternative care in cases where surgeries present complications.

Therefore, patients with some complication go to Panama’s    public system in search of care, putting additional strains on an already overloaded system.

because they sometimes do not have the money to attend private facilities or find that hospitals back away from taking responsibility for such interventions.

Hospital Santo Tomás (HST) aesthetic surgeon José Pinzón said that between two and three patients a month attend the hospital’s outpatient center for complications of cosmetic surgeries.

Pinzón said that among the surgeries practised abroad that regularly have complications include breast augmentation, gluteal implant and liposuction.



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Panama illegal aesthetic clinic raided

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A SURPRISE raid by the  Ministry of Health (Minsa) on Wednesday, May 16, uncovered yet another illegal aesthetic clinic  offering its services without the  required permits

The latest operation by officials from the Metropolitan Region of the Ministry was carried out in a building  in Punta Pacifica, following  a citizen complaint

instrumenys.jpgAccording to the complainant, multiple women in a search to improve their physical appearance were victims of damage to their skin caused by chemicals that were used.

The authorities  found surgical instruments, medicines without health records, and no operating license and a  foreigner offering services, which is illegal reports TVN




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