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After much evaluation (and a few tears) I have come to the decision to close the Fénix Cafe. The cafe will be operating and slowly winding down through the month of September. Previously scheduled events (including Mexican Train groups, Drum Circle, Belly Dance classes, etc) will continue throughout the month.

I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity I have had to develop the Fénix. Not only were many invaluable lessons learned, but more so, authentic connections were made that go beyond the six walls of the Hex Room… relationships that will continue to grow and evolve. I am thrilled with all that has transpired, even if it was for a ‘brief flash' of 4 months. It was this time that has given me a chance to evaluate the cafe as a business, and also my own work-life balance.

As much as the cafe has been a Labor of Love… I very much look forward to once again having the time and space to focus on other passions, in particular Yoga, Massage, and Graphic Design. Sometimes it takes a new lens to bring other realizations into focus. ;-)

Yoga Boquete will continue to hold classes on its regular schedule in the BCP Hex Room, until further notice.

I do not know what the BCP’s plans are for the space, but I hope it continues to develop into a shared community space.

A big THANK YOU to all who have supported this endeavor. Remember, this is not goodbye… this a just another transformation … (That’s the nature of a Fénix , after all.)

Much Love to All,

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The restaurant business can be brutal, especially the time commitment involved. Even long time restaurateurs will say the same thing. There are way too many restaurants in Boquete and, competition is tight.

A very wise and smart decision. Congratulations! Enjoy your life!

The BCP  would be wise to call it quits, and use the facility for special events. It would be a great place to host ARF fund raisers. Especially since ARF has no facilities.

Just a suggestion!



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The BCP would love to donate the use of its facilities to local charities however it's not financially reasonable. The rent and maintenance for the BCP facility are very high. The $1 admission fee to the weekly Tuesday talks barely covers the cost of weekly bathroom supplies. People seem to think that BCP owns it's own facility and this is not true. The monthly expenses are horrendous.

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Dear Fenix person or people,

I wish you well. The few times I went to the Fenxi it seemed to be disorganized. And then the selection of the movies were not to my liking. My biggest issue with Fenix was that I could not remember what was happening, and found no way to figure it out. Better marketing skills might have helped,. To late now tho.

Two up and two down. All the best to Lucy and now Joy.

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