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The politically appointed positiion of Corregidor will be replaced by trained Justices of the Peace and Community Mediators.

This article is from last year and explains the change.

The corregidores will cease to exist in a year, when implementing the community justice, referred to in the draft law 205 and approved in the third debate last Wednesday. The document must be sanctioned by the Executive to become the law of the Republic.

As soon as the law is enacted will begin the process of training the future Justices of the Peace, which will replace the figure of the corregidores. The measure will be applied in a phased manner by region, reported the Ministry of Government, of the draft law.

The rule creates the direction of Community Justice and a Culture of Peace, which will be under the umbrella of the Ministry of Government. However, the justices of the peace shall remain under the structure of the municipalities, as is currently the case with the corregidores.

'The justice of the peace is the authority responsible for preventing and punishing behaviors and acts that disturb public order and peaceful coexistence in the districts, according to the powers and procedures laid down in this Law," says Article 22 of the standard. Article 10 provides that 'in each district will operate a house of community justice of the peace. The Mayor, in coordination with the Directorate of Community Justice and a culture of peace, you can create more than one house of community justice by municipality, taking into account the level of conflict, the number of inhabitants, the social realities and the municipal budget'.

May only be a justice of the peace over the age of 25 years. In urban areas must be lawyers, and in rural areas, have diploma of secondary education.


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